Eurocross Turkey provides tailor-made vehicle assistance solutions for insurers, assistance companies, auto manufacturers and corporations with customer loyalty programs.

Eurocross Turkey possesses one of the Nation’s most comprehensive and up-to-date roadside assistance provider networks, boasting over 4.000 garages, towing companies, roadside technicians, customs clearance offices, spare parts providers and so forth.

Covering even the remotest spots of Turkey on a 24/7 basis with a significant density in populated urban areas, Eurocross Turkey’s network is a powerful tool for clients to make use of in delivering streamlined, high quality and cost-effective mobility solutions for drivers in need.

Our roadside assistance division consists of over 20 vehicle experts and case managers with significant previous experiences in the assistance, automobile and repair industries. This highly qualified team possesses a deep knowhow in automobile functions, provider resources, driver psyche and all relevant local regulations.

With an added benefit of Eurocross Turkey’s high roadside assistance business volume, Eurocross Turkey has exclusive pricing agreements in place with its providers. Coupled with the state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and technical capabilities of our roadside division, our roadside services deliver hassle-free mobility solutions for drivers while ensuring impressive response times and ever low claims costs for payors.


Roadside Service

Eurocross Turkey provides fast and reliable roadside services to drivers on the spot when they experience a technical difficulty down the road. The goal of the roadside service is to provide the fastest and most convenient solution for the driver and the insurer by fixing the technical problem on the spot in an extremely short period of time, reducing the repair costs of the payor and ensuring the mobility of the driver as soon and headache-free as possible.

Towing Services

With our nationwide Towing Network, we are able to tow damaged/breakdown cars to the nearest qualified garage in a speedy manner.
The transcontinental Turkey is the second largest country in Europe following Russia and the road infrastructure in Turkey is nowhere near as developed as Western Europe. The Country has a significant population and traffic density in touristic and big cities as well as many challengingly mountainous regions on the eastern part. Eurocross Turkey has over 4.000 vehicle assistance partners scattered across the country covering both urban areas as well as the remotest corners of the country. In case of an accident or an interruption, the stranded vehicle is towed to the nearest suitable facility quickly by Eurocross Turkey. For all types of towing needs, Eurocross Turkey has a simple, speedy and cost-effective solution.

Replacement Car Service

During the vehicle repair period or in case of total loss, Eurocross Turkey quickly organizes replacement cars for drivers. As it is often overlooked, providing replacement cars rapidly and reliably is of major importance for assistance companies, insurers and manufacturers and is one of the biggest triggers of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

Providing replacement vehicles timely and consistently in a remote area during a national holiday, or in a megacity such as Istanbul during rush hour is no easy task. It requires very careful planning, efficient use of resources and solid provider relations.

Eurocross Turkey’s high volume of both national and incoming roadside assistance business allows for privileged service quality from national replacement car providers. A professional, well-defined and collaborative mutual effort enables Eurocross Turkey to go where no one else can in many cases.

Furthermore, an endless motivation to achieve 100% satisfaction in every single case pushes our roadside assistance department to be ready to overcome every situation that life on the road may bring to drivers.

Spare Part Delivery

If a needed spare part is not available in the garage, Eurocross makes sure the part is delivered from elsewhere in the country in a timely manner.

Monitoring of Repair

In cases where the vehicle is in a garage for repair, we are able to provide detailed damage reports as well as follow up services to our clients. This includes the monitoring of the diagnose, repair duration, repair costs and spare part status. If requested, we can also work behind the scenes to guarantee the repair costs on behalf of our business partners.

Customs Service

Eurocross Turkey manages the customs related issues of foreign drivers in Turkey with ease. We are equipped with complex local and international regulations and work in close coordination with many customs agents and offices on a daily basis.
Given the below local scenario and regulation, timely and efficient handling of vehicle customs issues is essential for international insurance and assistance companies.

The national requirement regarding a general customs case is explained below:

A personal vehicle driven by an overseas driver is written up and stamped in his/her passport by customs officers during entrance to the country. Within 6 months, the vehicle has to be driven back abroad or delivered to a customs office in Turkey. If this 6 month period is exceeded, the customer has to pay a penalty. This fee ranges from 150 TRY up to a quarter of the vehicle’s value! Only in the event of non-compelling reasons such as natural disasters, theft, illness, death, etc., the penalty would not be paid.

There are 2 ways to properly leave the foreign registered car in Turkey. Abandonment and temporary abandonment.

For the organization of both procedures, significant amount of paperwork must be prepared and submitted. For each situation, a different procedure awaits the driver depending on various factors such as whether the driver was the owner of the car, whether there has been an accident which resulted in someone’s injury, whether it was a simple breakdown case, whether there are inheritors involved, and so on.…

Eurocross Turkey solves a high number of cases in this context and simplifies all these bureaucratic procedures for drivers and clients.