Privacy Policy

As Eurocross Assistance Sağlık Turizm Destek Hiz. Tic. Ltd. Şti (“EUROCROSS TURKEY”), we attach special importance to protection and safety of personal data. Within this context, we are taking all technical and administrative measures necessary for all kinds of personal data of all real persons associated with Eurocross Turkey to be processed and stored legally pursuant to Law on Protection of Personal Data Nr. 6698 (the “Law” or “KVKK”) and General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR” or “Regulation”).

Your data is collected and processed according to the framework defined in our website.

We use the application Eurocross Towing App (“Application”) for our roadside assistance services.

Purpose of the Application

Our Application is a B2B product and is not used by general public. The usage of the Application is limited only to towing truck vendors of Eurocross Turkey. Eurocross Turkey does not sell or share any data collected with third parties for their direct marketing purposes. The Data we collect is used only to enhance the services we provide to our customers, to prevent and detect fraud and in connection with legal proceedings.

The purpose of the Application is to determine the route taken and distance covered by the towing truck while providing a roadside assistance service. This enables a fair pricing for our customers, the insurance companies.

The Scope of the Data We Collect and How It Is Used

With the usage of Eurocross Towing App we collect and process the following Data:

  1. Real Time Location Data

After the towing truck driver accepts an assigned task, our Application collects the real time location data in foreground and in background until the task is completed. We use this data to calculate the distance taken by the towing truck while providing roadside assistance. This data is collected between pick-up locations/points and is stored in our system indefinitely. The location data is not visible to public on a platform or a website. However this information can be shared with our customer (insuring company) upon request.

  1. Media
    while providing roadside assistance services, towing truck drivers take photographs of the services provided and upload it through the Application to our servers. These photos are taken as a proof of service done by the vendors and stored indefinitely.The media is not visible to public and only shared with the customer (insuring company) on request.