Our cost containment program helps insurers, assistance companies and healthcare payers from various industries make the most out of their annual medical spending, using various techniques and agile maneuvers to bring the cost of the highest quality treatment down to the lowest levels. Our program gets its strength from our deep local healthcare know-how and a business model that is willing to push boundaries in what can “ideally” be achieved in Turkey.

You can clearly see the signs of our unique business model in our cost containment processes. We are a transparent organization that stays away from every cost inflating factor such as kickbacks, in-out-pricing, re-pricing and re-routing that many other local companies utilize. We conduct our cost containment activities as a truly “independent” organization, and through the power this gives us we make use of our accumulated expertise in Turkish healthcare landscape to bring medical bills to never-before-seen levels in Turkey. In our case, “willingness to go the extra mile” and “efficiency by constant improvement” work hand in hand to achieve the challenging outcomes desired by our clients.

We make use of the following technical methods under our Cost Containment Program:

  • Agreed and contracted exclusive discounts with hospitals/clinics;
  • In-depth consistency check of all reports;
  • Line-by-line reductions aligned with careful monitoring of the treatment;
  • Strict control of each invoice by in-house medical staff;
  • Warranty of an appropriate and reasonable price/performance ratio;
  • Continuous analyses of hospital pricing policies and constant influence through a proactive dialog;
  • Ongoing negotiations with hospitals for reliable billing practices.



Large Buying Power

Eurocross Turkey is a powerful negotiator. Privileged discount agreements are in place with medical facilities and these agreements are annually revisited based on the ever-increasing buyer’s volume of Eurocross Turkey.

A Truly Transparent and Efficient System

Eurocross Turkey is a true opposer of kickbacks and this pays off for clients in multiple ways.

  • Lack of kickbacks brings back the savings to our clients which belongs to them in the first place.
  • A transparent and performance-based internal cost containment system within our organization and a no-monetary-expectations-in-return dialog with our providers achieves tremendous levels of savings on medical bills. This is where we make the actual difference.

A Living Cost Control Mechanism

Our MCC system is a living mechanism. Over time, we make sure the frequently deducted or adjusted items do not get added on proformas in the first place. We are not after providing boosted saving figures for our clients, we are here to make sure our clients pay less than others while receiving top notch healthcare quality. The result is a system that “learns” and “betters itself” with each case providing ever-decreasing and accurate ceiling prices for medical treatments, which form a healthy starting point for further case negotiations.

Proactive Relations with Healthcare Providers

While, Eurocross Turkey clients pay less than others in many cases, they also enjoy privileged service quality from our healthcare providers. Our providers see Eurocross Turkey as an asset; a straight-forward, cooperative and transparent organization that is easy and rewarding to deal with. We have a truly professional relationship with our providers. We are consistent in our policies, open about our demands and we encourage a proactive two-sided dialogue with them. Our providers know what to expect from us and what we expect of them. All of this translates to smooth case progression as well as sustainable financial outcomes for both our clients and our providers.