Working hand-in-hand with local and international insurance companies, assistance organizations, multinational corporations, embassies and governments, Eurocross Turkey delivers a professional suite of solutions catered to the particular medical assistance needs of these organizations.

Eurocross Turkey’s medical network consists of over 1.000 providers that are handpicked based on various parameters such as quality of care, geo-location, quality in pricing, performance, ethics and a never-ending willingness to adapt to change. Through resourceful and efficient management of this network, Eurocross Turkey delivers each assigned case to perfection making use of its signature blend of technicality, creativity and cost-efficiency.

Transparency is the core value of Eurocross Turkey and is the backbone of the value adding proposition that Eurocross Turkey offers its clients.

Our transparent business model allows clients to;

  • Enjoy honest and objective feedback about medical providers and medical actions to be taken,
  • Benefit from hassle-free operations coordination thanks to an open and responsible operations structure,
  • Pay for only what is necessary to be paid. Eurocross Turkey does not practice -in and -out pricing. Unlike other local assistance companies, we find -in and -out pricing rather contradictory to the purpose of a local partner. We defend and look out for your hard-earned claims money and save for you both in assistance arrangements as well as hospital bills.
  • Benefit from a seamless integration with our industry-standard cost containment services
  • Build a long-term relation with your local assistance provider based on trust, sustainability, performance and growth.


Admission and Medical Referral

Eurocross Turkey is your primary contact for hospital admission and medical referrals. The simplified and streamlined process offers quick and easy access to a wide range of medical facilities and specialists across Turkey and abroad, catering to the diverse healthcare needs of tourists, locals, business and medical travelers and expatriates.
Ground Ambulance

In the case that the patient need to be transferred to a more suitable medical facility, return back to their hotel, or be transferred to the nearest airport for a flight or a medical escort, the Eurocross Turkey nationwide ground ambulance network offers bed-to-bed medical transportation services. Working across Turkey, the service represents the highest quality and most cost-effective ground ambulance assistance solution in the country.

Air Ambulance / Repatriation / Medevac

In cases where a patient’s repatriation to his/her home country or transfer to a more advanced medical facility is needed, and if a patient’s medical condition does not allow the transfer to be performed by conventional air and ground methods such as ground ambulance, commercial flights and so on, a private air ambulance mission is arranged for the patient.

Managing efficient medical transportation on a Global scale, Eurocross Turkey delivers bed-to-bed air ambulance services for insurers, assistance providers, NGO’s, governments, hospitals and specialist clinics.
All required documentation, medical reports, fit-to-fly reports are handled and the best possible response time is guaranteed for clients in accordance with their particular needs.

Funeral Arrangements

We offer a full set of services for the repatriation of the deceased to home country. Through a variety of local funeral partners, we manage all technical arrangements with a close eye on its seamless execution, time-sensitivity and associated costs.

Below services are provided under our funeral repatriation package:

  • Preparation of the body for transportation in accordance with local requirements;
  • Arrangement of a coffin/casket suitable for international transportation;
  • Preparation of all documentation, legal permits and flights;
  • Document translation;
  • Arrangements for patient relatives;
  • Flights and transportation to airport;
  • Collection and return of personal belongings;
  • Seamless communication with assistance partners, embassies and consulates.

Eurocross Turkey possesses exclusively priced funeral repatriation packages through its providers which could result in significant annual savings for international assistance companies. Contact us for more information.

Guarantee of Payment

Eurocross Turkey provides Guarantee of Payment as part of its medical cost control process via its vast provider network of medical facilities. Efficient management of the Guarantee of Payment cycle speeds up decision making processes and medical procedures ensuring the patient receives the correct and appropriate care in a timely manner.

Medical Escorts

Eurocross Turkey’s medical escort service provides reliable bed-to-bed medical escorts by land or air depending on the necessity.

Both seated escort and commercial stretcher options are available at short notice via Eurocross Turkey’s global medical escort service.

In addition, working closely with the medical facility and the foreign assistance company, we make sure that the transition to/from the medical escort mission is also handled smoothly and is completely integrated with other assistance solutions that the case requires.

Medical Second Opinion

Eurocross Turkey delivers a fully transparent and objective medical second opinion solution that draws on over a decade of experience in managing medical quality and medical costs in Turkey along with an independent and transparent business model.

24/7 Alarm Center

The Eurocross Turkey Alarm center provides multilingual round-the-clock assistance services. Catering for the health, travel and safety requirements of locals, tourists, expats, medical and business travelers, the Alarm center is managed by a fully trained professional medical team of 5 doctors, 5 nurses and over 20 experienced case-handlers.

The Alarm Center serves as an inter-connected coordination hub managing emergencies, hospitalizations, road incidents and provider relations on a 365/24/7 basis. The center is in constant contact with global SOS centers, insurers, hospitals, state authorities, national disaster coordination center, consulates, embassies and over 4.700 medical and vehicle service providers.
The center operates in 4 native languages: English, German, Dutch and Turkish.

Flight Tickets

Covering all major routes, airlines and airports Eurocross Turkey provides professional flight ticket bookings and reservations. Catering for the worldwide business and medical traveler, expatriate or tourist you are guaranteed the best route, price and customer care aligned with a seamless integration with our other assistance solutions.

Hotel Reservation

The Eurocross Turkey hotel network provides dedicated hotel reservation services for the inbound Turkish leisure, medical and business travel market.

Taxi Reservations

The Eurocross Turkey national taxi network provides dedicated taxi and transportation reservation services for the inbound Turkish leisure, medical and business travel market.
In addition, just like in all other arrangements that we provide for you, we do not work with in-out-pricing. You only pay for what you use!

Translation and Interpreter Services

Designed specifically for the requirements of efficient case management communications, Eurocross Turkey provides professional interpretation and translation services covering all of the World’s widely spoken languages.